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i was told about the indians, the big bang theory

who was edison and how to use the rule of three

learned about the civil war and the reflections of the sun

but no one ever told me, no one told me how to have fun


dont wanna watch tv cause it kinda makes me sick

dont wanna meet my friends because they`re always talking shit

dont wanna hear the people talk, they make me bubble with wrath

i`m fuckin` sick and tired your rules are boring me to death


well i don`t believe in god and i hate the fuckin` church

hate all fuckin` teachers i will never be a nerd

hate my neighbors, hate my boss, i hate almost everyone

cause no one ever told me, no one told me how to have fun


same fuckin` shit, i can`t take it anymore,

so im gonna leave the house and rob a fuckin` rifle store

then i`m going to the mal, pull the trigger of my gun,

jelling out you stupid little piggies better run


then i gonna start the fire, see them falling to the ground

people scream in pain and i`m addicted to the sound

i shoot a mother in her head in front of her little son,

cause no one ever told me, no one told me how to have fun


no one told me all these things, i was raised to be a bore

it took me all those years to realize there is something more

so i can`t go on and do all the things i`ve always done

cause first i gotta find out, gotta find out how to have fun





as time goes by, i wonder why is there a low after a high

my mouth is dry, it seems that i am just a fool thats bound to die

and all the records that i always used to play now kinda suck

i need a new approach, can`t help on acting like a shmuck


and everytime, it feels like i`m imprissoned waiting for a sign

can´t use my mind, get out of line, well there`s no reason there`s no rhyme

where`s my ambition, where`s my confidence, my strength, my attitude

gotta pick me up again, another day is fuckin` screwed


if you would change your mind,

if you could only get aware of you desires

then you build up your own reality





waking up all alone, another day i stay at home,

and here comes the pain, its driving me insane

walking circles in my room, feels like a prison like a tomb,

my sanity goes down the drain


and with every step take, no matter what kinda move i make

i always get further from the one ive been, the one that i have known

it seems no matter what i do, no matter where im going to

theres always some dark cloud hanging over me and i end up alone,

i`m going down


and every day its the same, deja vu all over again,

im lost in nowhere, is anybody there

feel like a king without a crown, some luggage at the lost and found,

waiting for someone care


and with every day that’s going by,

i`m gonna lose my will to try

everyone has gone their way,

but i am still the same


i`m going down, going down, going down to hit the ground

i`m going down, going down, going down, i`m going down





the sun goes down, another day is passing by
she sit`s in front of her tv just to kill some time
she thinks about the days when all her friends where all around
but now everyones gone and she`s alone in this boring town, and she says


i always wanted to go away
but a part of me just made me stay
i sat and watched the years go by
now i`m still here and i wonder why


how did i become such a jerk, tell me how
how did i become what i become, what i am now
i used to think someone would come, someone to make my dreams come true
guess i`m waiting forever and a day so i feel blue, but i`m used to it


the sun is down, another day is gone for good
she cleans her teeth and goes to bed like a good girl should
but every night she thinks about the life that could have been
she says look at me now, i`m full of regrets and broken dreams and she cries


well i guess there is no happy end until you change your view
cause if you don`t reach out for your dreams nobody else will do,
so do it for you, but she says





if you would die today
did you live your way
and if you knew tomorrow you`ll be gone
would you sing along
cause i would sing this song


if today would be your final day
are there words you never dared to say
and if you knew your final hour has come
would you change or would you carry on


i´m gonna play my last encore
put my guitar to the floor
cause if today would be the day to say so long
i would sing this song


if you knew there`s no more tomorrow
did you do the things you wanna do
and if you feel you`re going towards the light
did you stand up for what you think is right


Wohooo i would sing this song
Wohooo i would sing this song
Wohooo i would sing this song
Wohooo i would sing this song





sorry baby i`ve gotta go now
ain`t got no time to rest
gotta grap my bags and hurry
from sxf to lax


10000 miles to travel
another 18 hour flight
gonna miss the home I’m leaving
but in the end i feel all right, cause


Los Angeles is calling
we’re gonna have a blast
let`s celebrate the best of times
well i wish they`ll always last


Los Angeles is calling
so buy another round
I’m gonna meet with all my friends
so let’s burn this fucker down


long nights and empty bottles
the booze flows, we`re doing well
they call it city of angels
but i guess we`ll burn in hell


cruisin down the endless highway
in the warm caliofrnia sun
on the road for hours and hours
fooling around and having fun


another shot, another bar
another ride, another car
i`m yelling out with all my might
now here`s to all my friends tonight





just read the news today
another war bombs away
scary headlines just like yesterday
tomorrow will be the same way


so sick and tired of your endless tragedy
your world is not for me, just leave me be


so please take me home to a place where the sun always shines, outside of your twisted world
where palm trees do grow and the stars always glow when it`s dark, so when your bombs drop i`ll be gone


i hear them argue and debate
pointing fingers full of hate
selling a truth thats so absurd
they scream so loud, can`t hear a word


a paradise is what you sell
while you create a living hell
open your eyes it`s plain to see


but you`re fighting deaf and blind
you load your guns and close your mind
as the world around you dies in flames





tell me what it`s like to be all knowing
what it`s like just to be wise at last
if it`s really all the truth you`re owning
i have to wonder why you`re going nowhere fast


you give advices about gold and money
well that obviously is a joke
cause if you know so much then isn’t it funny
that you`re complaining that you`re always broke


and i know it`s all the same
there`s always somebody else for you to blame, and i say


give it up, what are you talking about
no one buys the words you sell
how can you say, you wanna help me out
when you`re a victim, can`t even help yourself


you say that world affairs are making you worry
you say the world today is upside down
i wonder how you can tell all those stories
when you never ever left you`re hometown


and you try, and you try explaining to me
and so day after day you can`t let it be
it won`t ever stop, cause you think it`s true
can`t you see who`s the fool, its only you





mike was only 16 years and a few months old
living in his own world never did what he was told
one day he took his skateboard and drove into the night
went down to the playground and commited suicide


cuty little sheila her boyfriend was a punk
her mom died by her birth since then her father was a drunk
they said that she WOULD MAKE it but there was never hope
one early morning someone found her hanging by a rope


suicide, the kids aren`t all right
suicide, the kids aren`t all right
a bridge, a lake, a steakknife, a shot straight TO the head
they`ll find everything they need and THE next morning they are dead


tobi had a girlfriend and he loved her a lot
they always spent their time with lying in bed and smoking pot
don`t know what happened to him one day tobi od`d
his parents shook their heads said he got everything he needed


danny, joey, sarah, brandon are their names
all in search for some amusement trying to find a brand new game
when you bored before YOU`RE ADULT no one knows just what its like
so no one understands this senceless teenage suicide





sometimes i feel like an alien
stranded on this planet of man
it took so long to understand
human behavior`s out of hand
so all i wanna do is to take over the world


I went to a policeman
but he just called me a slob
I asked him what’s the matter
he yelled shut up and get a job
then i met a pastor
but he just started to yell
you better start believing
or i swear you`ll go to hell


and still all i want is,
all i wanna do is to take over the world


I went to a doctor
to cure the pain inside my head
he told me to stop whining
and said son it’s not so bad
i met a politician
who was smoking a cigar
he told me i am sorry
but i`m just planing a war


and still all i want is,
all i wanna do is to take over the world


now i cry all alone
cause i feel so lost and lonely in this world
I`ve got enough, i wanna go home
I’m sending out an sos to the universe


sometimes I feel like an alien
stranded on this planet of man
too many times i`ve been denied
let`s take what`s wrong and make it right
so all i`m going to do is i`m gonna start an


alien world invasion
alien without a cause
alien world invasion
alien without a cause
alien world invasion
alien without a cause tonight





sorrow in his head, no reason to get out of bed, its like this everyday
mid-month his moneys spend, got no cash to pay the rent, whishes his troubles away


lost in bullshit cant you see, youre full of pain and misery
destroy what keeps you down so shout out all your anger to be free


go on with your life, get back up and run
go on feel the drive, your the only one
go on with your life, go on with your life
see through all those lies, dont wear a disguise, you can have it all


she is sad and cries, been cheated for so many times, her dreams turned into dust, she says
i gave all i owned, ended betrayed and all alone, seems there`s no one to trust


if life comes for you, say here i am waiting for you
show me your best attack, i will fight back





you cry out loud, you scream and shout, this life has cut you down to size
now it`s to late to see through, now it`s to late to realize
there`s nothing left at all, your with your back against the wall
time to make decisions, will you stand or will you fall


a thousand ways to tragedy
one way to find out what may be
the answer`s lying in your head
cause in the end what you receive
is the result of your believes
so can you leave your doubts behind, and change your mind


they lied to you, told you it`s true, denied you can be tough and strong
you gotta take your chances, you gotta prove that they are wrong
so can you stand and fight, can you push those lies aside
time to make decisions, will you live or will you hide


never will i hide again
i’ll be myself and make a stand
no matter what they do or say
i`m going foreward cause i am on my way, it starts today



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